Sunday, February 11, 2007

"There ain`t no devil,there`s just god when he`s drunk." (Tom waits...Heart attack and vine!)

Saturday, January 6, 2007


hi,Aussie ray here again,good to see you all survived the MAD XMAS BREAK.Now we can move on to other thing`s.I`ll start with BLOGGING.It`s a great way to pass the time,even if it takes forever.Once you start it`s hard to stop,even if it`s a slow start like mine(View blog on rays place;"My sons pulling his dreads out",click on my profile to get there).The amount of content on other people`s blog`s is just massive,(You just can`t imagine).There is not enough time in the day for anyone to view even .00000001% of the amount of blog`s that are on the net(I read somewhere that at the moment there are 55million blog sites on the net,no sorry it`s now 60million,no 65 million now and rising rapidly.Blog`s on dog`s,blog`s on frog``s about every type of life style you can imagine and some.Name a subject and you will find it on a blog somewhere.Photo`s of everything on this earth(and universe).Stories from all around the globe,personal stories,horror stories,funny stories,it`s just endless,(Einstien would go mad trying to come up with a figure).Which makes me think there`s a lot of people out there making a lot of money because it`s all free,"but most sites carry add`s",(and add`s make people money),but I wont even go there!Why spoil it.Anyway it`s huge so get to it and start your own blog,(left click up on the right hand header)and away you go......."good luck"....aussieray.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Mad Xmas Break

It will take 12 month`s of cleansing, therepy,t.l.c. and another miracle just to get over the mad xmas, new years break,but it`s gonna be worth every minute.If ya count the years and the amount of holiday party`s, xmas and new years eve party`s and other party`s (and the amount of self abuse) and good times, then that`s a hell of a lot of party`ing.Time to take it easy(easy like a sunday morning) top song (I wanna get high, so high) but I`ll save that bit for later.With every high comes a low so stay close to the ground and you might see a few more new years eve`s. Yes it`s that time of year for new years resolution`s so get out ya pen`s and write a few down (so you don`t forget them, the next day). no.,1 ...;;drinkin,smokin,tokin, croakin., I think that`s the order they come in, so take the pressure down a few notches and we might get through this silly season.It was sex and drug`s and rock an roll but that claimed a few casualties,(nearly as big as the bubonic......) wiped a few out, so keep cool and have a good one.After a couple of coldies etc., you will have forgotten all that I`ve said so good luck anyway....catchya...Ray.!